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     My sofa was starting to look very worn due to all the stains, so I called on Hounslow Cleaners to do some upholstery cleaning and all the stains are gone. It's like magic, I was so impressed.
Velma Macenroe19/05/2020
     Very impressed. The cleaners with Hounslow Cleaning Company were extremely professional and did more than I thought they would do. Definitely, recommend these folks to anyone.
Jana J.19/09/2019
     I still can't get over how much of a difference Carpet Cleaners Hounslow have made to both my home and my life. Not only is my house always professionally clean and spotless, but I have more free time and a lot less stress in my life! Hiring this company was a fantastic choice, and if you want an affordable and professional cleaning company then this is the one I'd recommend!
Peter O.29/01/2015
     I wanted my hard wood floor cleaning in my living room, and as I wasn't sure what to clean it with decided to hire the specialists. Carpet Cleaners Hounslow were brilliant and came out to access the situation so they new want products and equipment was needed to clean the floor. The hard floor cleaning team did a superb job. They really made a difference to the floor and left it notably cleaner. I was so impressed with the work and the price.
C. Barnett24/11/2014
     My carpet was marked quite badly and it got to the point that guests (my brother mostly) were commenting on it. I decided to get the carpets professionally cleaned and it was then that I contacted Carpet Cleaners Hounslow to get them to do some carpet cleaning for me. The results were fantastic and the marks and blemishes on the carpet were cleaned out completely. It took less than two hours to do it all as well! Now people comment on how nice my living room and hall carpets look and I have the pleasure of telling them they need to get theirs cleaned up!
     When I heard the price quote offered by Carpet Cleaners Hounslow I was taken aback: for a cleaning company with their reputation I was expecting a much bigger number. I was a little cynical to begin with but I'd heard that they offer incredible cleaning services so I decided to try them out nonetheless. I'm so delighted that I did: my house has never looked as good and it is such a joy to get high quality results at such an affordable rate. If you have a limited budget do give this company a call: you'll be surprised with the value you can get for your money here!
H. Emerson19/09/2014
     Being a mother of four, I'm often the one who's left to clean up after them all, but I've got to say it's hard to keep up. Everyone's on the move, getting things out, spilling this, breaking that... It's too much for one girl to handle! I needed a small break from it all, so I decided to hire Carpet Cleaners Hounslow, and it was a breath of fresh air. The cleaner they sent over was wonderful, and did an exceptional job. The extra shocking part is that it wasn't expensive either! A complete cleaning package for a price that's easily budgeted around is well worth a look. If you haven't given professional cleaners a try yet, I heartily recommend this company.
Carly Webster21/08/2014
     You cannot get better than a cleaning company that you feel has become part of the family, and it is in this sense that I am sure that a great many people would benefit from Carpet Cleaners Hounslow being in their lives. I have found that they really do ensure that you are well looked after, and with prices as reasonable as they provide, I cannot fault them! It is a treat to come home on a Wednesday and find that they have made the place look as spotless as they always do! A very good outfit and a very pleased customer!
Raymond Young31/07/2014
     My sons play a lot of sport so after training, they don't thing before they run mud all through the house and sit in their muddy shorts on my sofa. It was getting too much to handle so I talked to my friends and they suggested I called Carpet Cleaners Hounslow and hired a cleaner from them. I did exactly that and I loved what my cleaner was able to accomplish in the time she had with us each week. I'm no longer worried about stained carpets or chairs and I can relax knowing that my house is in remarkably good hands.
Jane G.16/07/2014
     My office is always being visited by clients, partners and potential employees so I knew it had to look its best at all times. Relying on the staff and myself to do this would be unreasonable as we are very busy. I decided that I would call Carpet Cleaners Hounslow to see what they could offer and they had what we needed. I hired their cleaners to come to my workplace and they swiftly took care of all clutter, dust, dirt and disorder. I hired them to come on a frequent basis and now the office always is spotless. Anyone who visits is always impressed and it's because of the effort and skill Carpet Cleaners Hounslow put in.
Jennifer Keys20/06/2014
     With the right help, I always knew that I could get my home suitably clean. With the kids and the work schedule taking up so much of my time, I knew I was going to have to make sure that I had the right help to cover all of the bases. I was looking for a regular solution and that's exactly what I got from Carpet Cleaners Hounslow. Their help was a huge influence in being able to get everything cleaned and ready for day to day life. Great choice for making sure that your home is as clean as possible.
Melissa Turner04/06/2014
     Having a cleaner come round once a week has taken the strain off in a big way! I am really pleased with the work that Carpet Cleaners Hounslow have been doing at my place, and will carry on using them for the foreseeable future, if all carries on this well. For the most part, I have never had such a great cleaning service, and I cannot believe how quickly they get the house looking so spotless! It's a miracle of sorts, and it means that I have more time to spend with my family! A great cleaning team, and wonderful people as well, great work!
Holly Poole29/04/2014
     I'd just moved into my new house and I needed lots of new furniture, but since I was on a budget I decided to buy second-hand furniture to save myself some money. I didn't have a problem with this at all, but I decided that any upholstered furniture that I got should at the very least be professionally cleaned! I called Carpet Cleaners Hounslow because I'd heard great things about them, and they were right in my price range. My cleaner was really efficient and friendly, which made the whole process much easier. The clean itself was very thorough and professional, and the furniture looked just as if it were brand new once she'd finished! A very impressive service!
Brian S.16/04/2014
     I have never used a cleaning service before, since I thought it was all a scam. I thought no one out there would clean my home better than I would, since it's my home. However, all that changed when I hired house cleaning services from Carpet Cleaners Hounslow. They are truly professional and cleaned my house very well. Each and every part I wanted clean was cleaned thoroughly and this is something that made me fall in love. Now I couldn't think about hiring a service from any other company. If you are looking for a good cleaning company that has decent prices then this is the company for you.
Angela Perry27/03/2014
     If you want to find a professional cleaner then stop what you're doing right now and call Carpet Cleaners Hounslow! I've wasted so much time and so much effort on other cleaning companies that were nothing less than shoddy at what they did, but I've had nothing but fantastic experienced with this company! They provide excellent services for really affordable prices that will appeal to everyone - even if you're trying not to spend money! I work from home and I barely even noticed my cleaner was there, which is great if you want an unobtrusive service, but the job she did was amazing! My house looks great, my bank balance looks great - no complaints whatsoever!
     Cleaning was always such a waste of time to me. I work two jobs and any spare time I had was being spent scrubbing my toilet and shower rather than relaxing, and it was really getting me down. Even though I try to keep my costs to a minimum I found a company with great prices and some brilliant reviews, so I gave them a call. The cleaning service I received from Carpet Cleaners Hounslow was better than I could have hoped. I have absolutely no complaints and I'll definitely continue to use the service! I tell all of my friends about it!
     I don't know where to start with Carpet Cleaners Hounslow. It isn't often you find a company that blows you away with the service they provide and the results they obtain. But that is what they have done for me and my wife. We hired them for a one-off clean when we fell out of touch with our old cleaner following a few months away. We were so impressed with their work we kept them on regularly. Perhaps it was fate, but we are certainly glad we found them. They do a superb job and are a pleasure to work with.
John 05/12/2013

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